Do you offer any discounts for home and auto?
YES!  The companies we represent offer multi-policy discounts ranging from 5-20%.  They also offer discounts for belonging to groups like credit unions, college graduates, seniors, good students and many more.  Contact us to help you take advantage of the many discounts that are available.
Do you the companies you represent offer roadside assistance?
YES!  From changing a tire to locking yourself out, our companies have coverage available to you.
Is all auto insurance the same?
NO!  Although the State of Michigan does have certain mandatory auto coverage that is required under the “No Fault” laws, it is important to have an agent that understands these coverages and can offer protection with sufficient liability while explaining your options for each vehicle and driver.
I only rent an apartment so why do I need insurance? 
Continually we hear about apartment fires where several occupants have lost all of their possessions through no fault of their own.  When you do not have control over safety of the entire building, it is important to protect your personal possessions.  Rental insurance will provide coverage for your personal property.
For how much should I insure my home? 
Based on the square footage and amenities of your home, let us calculate the Replacement Cost.  Remember, you could incur claim penalties for under insuring your home.
What should I do in case of a property loss? 
If you have a possible claim, here are some suggestions to increase your comfort and confidence about resolving the situation to the best of your ability.  
  • What needs to be done to stabilize the situation? Make reasonable decisions to protect the property and minimize risk of further loss or increased costs.  This makes sense even if you are uninsured.  If coverage applies, this is expected.  Generally, try to not alter physical evidence or dispose of materials until there is an opportunity for inspections and possible evidence retention.  If physical evidence requires alteration to further protect property or life, careful decisions are in order.  Preserve as much as possible.
  • Contact our agency at 269-422-1101.  If the office is closed, please contact the company directly to submit a claim. Emergency claim information can be found on this website and after hours on our office voicemail. Provide all available information as well as how to contact you.  Our agency is a valuable resource with experience in our community.
  • If repairs will be needed, begin to identify who you might hire to do the work.  Your selection of someone to do the repairs to your satisfaction is important.
  • Collect and maintain documentation related to the event.  Retain receipts and invoices and make notes to assure that you will have an effective record of the event and its consequences.
Following these suggestions immediately after a loss will help you move through the experience with the information needed to make effective decisions.

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