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In 1946, A.H.Greiffendorf saw the need for an insurance provider on the busy main street in Baroda. Already heavily involved in commerce in the community with The Royal Blue Store and Locker Plant, Greiffendorf decided to start The Greiffendorf Agency.
The new agency was started with two companies, Westchester Fire and Citizens Insurance, which is still sold in the agency today. A year after opening, Greiffendorf’s son-in-law, Edgar Ott (Ottsie), joined the business. In 1951, two years after Greiffendorf’s death, the agency changed names to become The Edgar G. Ott Agency. After graduating from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, Ottsie’s son, Doug, became the third generation to join the family business.

Ottsie retired in 1984 at the age of 65. That same year, the business was incorporated and officially became Ott Insurance Agency, Incorporated. Doug has successfully run the business by himself for the past 22 years and has added new companies. The fourth generation joined Ott Insurance in 2005. Doug’s son, Griffin became office manager that year and is very active in the workings of the agency and community. Today, the agency offers auto, home, business, liability, and life insurance. In addition to Citizens Insurance, the agency represents Auto-Owners, Fremont, Wolverine Mutual, and Michigan Insurance Company and Progressive.





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